In today’s environment, investing in technology is no longer about measuring the return on investment (ROI) based on productivity gains alone. Now ROI is also measured on the expectations of connected customers and staff. To remain competitive in the world of big data, businesses need to gain more insights into their business models, processes and interactions.

Business Intelligence at a glance Businesses across all industries are now realising what opportunities data analytics can create. Marketing campaigns can now be tailored based the knowledge gained about your customers, pricing and products. Business processes can be streamlined for more efficient outcomes through trend identification and risk mitigation. Staff and funding can be allocated to further optimise efficiency in response to the trends identified.

Faster, better decision making can be made with real time visibility and validation.

Make your data work for you Once the data has been collected, it needs to be used. Data sharing between stakeholders is a great way to encourage connection and collaboration across your business. It also demonstrates real time visibility of business performance. Common goals can now be achieved within the business at an expediential rate ultimately leading to revenue generation and process improvements

QicForms allows you to analyse, optimise and govern how your workflows and data collection is performing. Data analytics is made easy with QicForms through:

Data Visualisation via statistical reports and dynamic dashboards, make sure you know exactly how your business is preforming. Bottlenecks are now visible, and system or performance improvements can be made.

One Platform ensuring your confidential data is accessible anytime, anywhere from the secure cloud-based management system. Form version, quality and field standardisation ensure your data is accurate and relevant.

Automation such as QicForms Assignments (allocating set forms to individuals or groups,) Form Approval flows, Event Triggers and metadata Tags allow for easy analysis. These functions are all inbuilt within the QicForms system and can be set to highlight specific business needs.

Data indexing with Libraries, Form tags, searches, and advanced filtering ensures you have access to the data you need.

Put User Experience at the Forefront The basic Return on Investment (ROI) calculation is

ROI = (Gain – Cost)/Cost

Whilst it may be easy for you to calculate productivity and revenue gains once your technology has been implemented, you also need to consider the Users experience as well.

Giving value to customer satisfaction, better customer support, better usability, forecasting and analysis, is hard but certainly a necessary part of your ROI calculation. Customer and staff surveys are a great to way to start your qualification process.

QicForms was designed with the User’s experience in mind. With fast and flexible Form deployment to app, email or website, online/offline functionality, kiosk mode and the design and functionality of the web and app interfaces, QicForms will want to be used by your users.

So, while ROI can be calculated purely based on financial gains or loses, the human factor should not be ruled out when thinking about technological roll outs.


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