You don't need to change your business to fit your software

Our powerful form builder and data collection platform has been designed with flexibility in mind.

Paper to Digital

We go beyond just digitising your forms. We automate and revolutionise your business, with our no code form builder and intuitive dashboards.

You can convert your forms to digital at a pace that suits your business, minimising disruption and matching the learning curve of your staff.

Automated Workflows

Workflows & Notifications can be set by triggered events.

You can trigger automated actions and workflows based on answers given to specific questions, form submission or globally. Powerful, business transforming automation that is easy to use.

Data Analytics

We provide insight into the effectiveness of your workflows with predictive analytics.

You can analyse, optimise and govern how your workflows are performing. Identify patterns, pinpoint and resolve any bottlenecks to drive business optimisation.

How our core module works?

Create Your Library
Setup your Forms

The sky is the limit when taking your forms, audits or surveys to the next level. Design online forms with ease using our simple drag and drop interface capturing electronic signatures, photos, GPS coordinates, payments and more. It’s so easy to become a Form Rockstar!

  • Create mobile forms in minutes.
  • Designed for basic & advanced users.
  • Draw from the Community library.
  • Be rewarded for sharing your forms.

Issue or Assign
Publish to Users

Once created, your forms will push direct to your App, allowing you to be online in seconds. Any changes can be done in the blink of the eye. Assign forms to staff or set triggers to automate workflows, all from the one platform.

  • Instantly share your data
  • Online or offline accessibility
  • Assign forms directly to specific staff
  • Trigger notifications for events

Data Collection
Via Web or Mobile

Collect on-the-go data from web or mobile interfaces – accessible anytime, anywhere. Remove data entry headaches by empowering your Staff and Customers with interactive, easy to use digital forms. Forms they will want to use!

  • Kiosk mode for quick and easy access
  • Available in Android or iOs
  • Data validation & form version control
  • Data collection in the one platform

Analyse and share
Your Data

View your data on your robust dashboards and reports. Transform your business using data analytics, trend identification and key performance indicators. Share your data between users, departments or other software applications with ease.

  • Secure data sharing via API.
  • Copy data to your data bank.
  • Accept payments as work is complete.
  • Tag data for easy data indexing.


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Quick Overview

See how QicForms can reduce your operational costs and increase revenue through digitalisation. Digital forms can change how you go to market, engage your customers, undertake operations, report governance and drive continual improvements.

Consider the time and money saved from no longer looking for lost or damaged paperwork, reading illegible handwriting, removing duplication or human error that is caused by inefficient paperwork.

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Key Features


Save time and money by using, collaborating and sharing with the QicForms community.


Convert and enhance existing paper forms to expedite your rollout, ensuring no additional staff training.

Easy to Use

Not a programmer? Not a problem! Our dynamic platform does all the hard work for you.

One Platform

Access your confidential data anytime, anywhere from the secure cloud based management system.

Data Insights

Analyse trends, make informed real time decisions and develop business strategies.

Advanced Components

Choose from 30+ advanced components. Just drag, drop and configure.

Quality Control

Centrally controlled form library, providing visibility, validation and version control.

Data Integration

Create bi-directional communications between applications.

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Designed for businesses on the go, your forms are available from your own professionally branded app, for instant use by your team. Mobile data collection has never been easier with your forms accessible in either online or offline modes.

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